abuja airport


abuja airport

Abuja airport, AKA Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and (LOS) Murtala Muhammed Airport Lagos are main entry for international flight from all continents. These 2 airports connect all african cities with international flight. Nigeria the african giant is connected to any capital in the black continent. Central hub for many airlines operating in Africa the 2 airports can digest the huge traffic between local and international flight.

abuja airport


african televison on roku

Q:I am trying to open an account with no success.Do you have a phone contact ?

A:Thanks for using muntumedia.com services. I am afraid we don’t give phone support, we help you create your account.

Q:In what area in Roku can i find Muntumedia? movies&tv show, games, internet tv….?

A:We have a private channel on Roku ‘MUNTUMEDIA’ you will have to enter your roku code below the login/signup area.

Q:It s not working and they ask me a code of muntumedia.

A:From your computer browser go to  https://owner.roku.com/Add and add muntumedia to to your roku account, it will apear automatically on your rokubox.

Q:I can’t get it muntuplus or MuntuPlus

A:Vanity access code for muntumedia is MuntuPlus. Please let me know if you can’t still get muntumedia on your rokubox

Q:I did try to add on roku and it didn’t work. It say” the channel is not available in my area”

A:1.signin your roku account at www.roku.com
2.click on my account
3.select add private channel
5.press Enter
you’re done.

You should see african televisions on roku  on your roku. Please refresh if you don’t see muntumedia’s logo