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AIT television

aims to promote African and world news from an African perspective. AIT offers a different point of view to the African experience, through interview, news, films, sports. From Lagos to Kano in the north we cover stories in Nigeria. AIT television we provide a unique programming theme, debate and interviews that shares the African experience. Ait uses the latest equipment in the market and provide premium video and sound quality compare to its competitors. AIT television have a sound programming and contribute actively an the lives of millions of Nigerians in Nigeria and abroad. AIT television is also the most watched private independent television in Africa. Associated by millions to International Television, TV Africa, AIT, Nigeria TV. The home of entertainment in Nigeria. The latest event in Abuja and Lagos. The team of well trained professional reporter and commentators. Correspondents from London to New-York, Our teams are present on the international scenes.

AIT television

africa tv roku

<h2>african tv roku</h2>
There are many african content on roku today. Muntumedia provides ethnical content from african countries. Because we are africans living in the continent we know better what you need to know. Hence we focus on giving you the local news from your home country. Nigerian news info, le jouranal afriain, la presse africaine, les differents JT. We providee the latest. You get the same news as your family at home. NO brainer for the price of 1,200 niaras or 3500CFA. How much do you think it worth being in the same page as your family and relatives? subscribe to muntumedia and start surprising the ones at home. Yes you have the info they have at the same time. get the feature info from ait (african independent <a href=”; title=”african tv roku” target=”_blank”>television</a>), africa24 en direct, Crtv (cameroon radio television), Rti en direct (radio television ivoirienne) and many more. Now if you live in the US, Canada or UK you can watch african tv roku for the price of 7.95$.

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